Orthodontics Treatment for Kids on the Rise

The media often focuses on young celebrities who flash their dazzling, straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Therefore, it is no surprise that children as young as seven and eight years are now being seen with braces. About 10 years ago, orthodontic treatment was not performed until patients were in their teen years. Now, with children becoming more exposed to their favorite stars, they too want a picture perfect smile. This oftentimes means undergoing one or more orthodontic treatment at early age.

Typically, it is recommended that children see a dentist by their first birthday in order to ensure that their teeth are coming in properly. Regular visits and exams help identify and treat problems before they become too complicated, which includes over/under bites and palate size imperfections. As dentists see these features begin to take form, they may suggest orthodontic treatment in order to ward off longer treatment in the future. In addition, parents who had braces in their teen years wish to prevent teasing in their children’s adolescent years and opt for early treatment. As orthodontic treatment in younger children becomes more popular, the taunting from peers may decrease.

However, some studies have shown that undergoing early orthodontic treatment may not provide much more benefit to patients in the long run. Some patients may not have fully developed their permanent, adult teeth and could still need further orthodontic treatment later in life. Furthermore, cost of treatments may be more when choosing to have braces at an early age and then again years later. It is important to note that every patient has a unique dental structure with specific needs and will require a personalized treatment plan. While some patients may require multiple rounds of braces, others may only need one.

The best way to determine if you or child will benefit from an orthodontic treatment is by scheduling an appointment for a consultation. I am dedicated to patient satisfaction and it is my goal to help you achieve a beautiful, Hollywood smile. Please feel free to contact my Beverly Hills practice to learn more regarding orthodontic treatment. We offer a wide array of procedures to help you reach your ideal outcome.

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